Library for USB port


I posted a question just below, and thank for the reply. But I think I misunderstood the problem I have.

I'm currently using the device which communicates through GPIB cable (e.g. SI-1260 (Solartron), National Instrument).

I've been using old PCs which have the board slot for GPIB card. Now I'm upgrading my PCs and they will no longer have the old slots for GPIB card. Instead, new PCs will have USB port etc.

So I bought GPIB-USB-HS cable (NI-488.2, National Instrument) which converts the terminal of GPIB cable to USB.

I've been looking for the library that communicate with the USB port in 'True BASIC 5.5' but I couldn't.

If there is a library to communicate with USB port, please let me know.

I'm guessing the corresponding file name of the library should be something like 'USBGPIB...tru'.