CHAIN won't work

Error -9003; file not found, but the file name with extension exists in the current directory.

Vista is OS.


Chain command

Be sure you have the '!' in there--I've been bitten by that.

Here is an example where defdir&player$ is the path to a video player (REALPLAYER) and the program name wile the rest is the path and the file named by vidname$.

CHAIN "!"&defdir$&player$&" file://"&dir$&"\videos\"&vidname$&".RM",RETURN




If the file you are chaining to is in the Program Files directory then you will get the message that the file cannot be found. This is because Vista "protects" the Program Files directory. With Vista avoid the Program Files like the plague. Put your program anywhere else but program files.

Big John

Pogram Files folder in Vista

There is a way around Vista's protection of the Program Files directory. I have a work around that allows me to take ownership of any folder and all the sub-folders within it. This solves the problem of not being able to read or write to files in that particular directory. I can't remember how I came by this solution, but a google for "take ownership" should provide some useful leads.



Just remembered. Here's the link to get the necessary reg files to give you the ability to take ownership of any folder in Vista.



Hi Chris,

How very useful. Many thanks. Vista's inscrutable behaviour has been a pain in my side for many moons.

Big John

Chain Problem

Could you post a sample of your code?