graph lib program brians hahns book p.254

Does anyone know how to add a subroutine to this program which features calculus (f(x+h) - f(x)) / h..This is the basis for most if not all calculus. the program is very good but only provides for a graphical output f(x) and f '(x) ; it doesnt provide a table of output values.Sounds like it might be an easy thing to do but its beyond my capability. therefore i'm appealing to anyone who might be able to help me out (I know there are some very clever people on this forum). Thank you....Joseph Dobash



joseph ... The last time I was working with Hahn's program on Hahn page 254 was 28 Sep 2000! Since the program computes F(X) and DF(X,H), it should be easy to edit the program to create a table of the function F and function DF. I would store the function values in a three-column array (X, F(X) and DF(X,H)). I'll try to edit the program to create the Table, as my time permits. Regards ... Tom M