Brian hahns book p.264

I entered the program driver and it wont run because of the statement READ DT,RUNTIME,INVL. The error message is MUST BE A VARIABLE.When I eliminate RUNTIME the program will run but erratically. Inserting RUNTIME back in and the error message comes back in. MY QUESTION IS. What variable can I insert in place of RUNTIME to make this program work.I have checked all the entries and all are fine...Thanks for your assistance. Joseph Dobash


Re: Hahn p.264 program

joseph ... I debugged the Subject program file on 04 Oct 2000!!

First of all, the program starts on Hahn page 263.

Second, you can't have a program variable like "RunTime" in the program listing; True BASIC doesn't allow the characters 'Run' in any variable, because RUN is a COMMAND. I had to change RunTime to RnTime for the TB B-code compiler to 'do its thing'.

If you send me an email, I will reply with a P263 program file listing that RUNs ok.

I have been working on the P254 program listing. I should be finished this weekend. Regards ... Tom M