rtarara could u give an example of this

I assume you mean within the output of a program. If you use PRINT statements, they will add lines until you reach the bottom of the window and then additional PRINTS will scroll the text off the top of the window. You can use blank PRINT statements to 'scroll' the text up. You can define a window inside the main window to make this fancy.



thank you. Star wars type deal here i come

scrolling in window

You can create any number of logical windows and set their coordinates as you wish.

For example

OPEN #3: SCREEN .25,.75,.75,.25 !defines a window in the center of the screen

SET WINDOW 1,32,12,1 !This defines the coordinates of the window that fills the Screen above--these can be anything you want. Here I am approximating as the number of characters in a line (32) and the number of lines in the window (12), but these could be anything. Another choice would be Set Window 1,512,384,1 in pixels based on a 1024 x 768 full screen.

To choose to send output to this window use


Now you can sent output to the window

SET CURSOR 12,1 !will start near bottom of window--experiment to know how many rows and columns of text fit in the window.

PRINT "This is a test" !

Now to scroll this up

FOR n = 1 to 13

This should move the text up pausing a half second at each new position and eventually scroll it off the top of the window.

Note: I have not tested any of this, but this is all straight from the manual--a reasonable resource for all of your questions! ;-)

For fancier windows use TC_WIN_CREATE (see manual for all the parameters and all the options available).