Printing the screen

I am resurrecting some TB programs from my Mac days.
Those programs used: CALL COPY_PRINTER(1) and CALL COPY_DONE to print the results of my calcs and the plots on the screen to a printer.
On a PC that doesn't work.
What commands can I use to dump the screen to a printer?

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Thanks, Jud


Printing the Output window

Jud ... When you have text and/or graphic output on your computer screen, click the menu at the upper left of the screen. Then click on Print. That's whast I do. Regards ... Tom M


Thanks - that works fine.

New question about printing programs using a PC:
When I print a program I get the nice boxed-in header containing the program name and date/time/etc. That box extens the full width of the page (about 6.5 inches wide), but the program only fills about one half of that width (about 3 1/4 inches)! ! ! Only about 45 characters are printed. The remainder of the line is truncated. I have the setting for the window at Courier/10.

How can I print the full width of the program ?

TB Print command & SET MARGIN

Jud ... You can invoke the SET MARGIN command to fix your problem. Read about it in your TB manual documentation. Big John Arscott has addressed this issue in a recent Forum message.

Another way to fix the problem is, when you RUN a TB program, RUN it from the Command line at the bottom of the Editor screen. I use the command " RUN 'gtgt' filename.dat ", where 'gt' is the "greater than" character on the computer keyboard. This saves the output of your program to a text file that can be printed using Wordpad or Notepad. Your manual likely describes this command also. Let me know if you use it - and if it works for you. You don't get the Header Box with this printing method. Regards ... Tom M

Printing the program

Sorry, I think you misunderstood my question.

I just want a hardcopy of the program itself - not the output of the program when it is run. That works just fine.

I tried plain old "PRINT" from the FILE menu - 45 characters.

I tried LIST from the command window - 45 characters.

I tried PAGE SETUP from the FILE menu and there is nothing about "width". In fact when PAGE SETUP is selected, it actually says PRINT SETUP.

I tried SET MARGIN 80 and then LIST from the command window - 45 characters.

I just want a hardcopy of the program itself.

Please help again.

Thanks, Justin

Re: Printing a TB program file

Justin ... Here is code that you can use to send program code to your printer. I'll discuss the program in another Forum message. Regards ... Tom M

! Filename: Print_wide.tru, tjm, 20090914


INPUT prompt " Enter unambiguous filename to be printed: ": fname$
OPEN #1: name fname$, create newold, org text, access input
OPEN #2: printer
SET #2: MARGIN maxnum

DO while more #1
PRINT "...."; a$
PRINT #2: "...." & a$



Re: Above program code

Justin ... The TB printing program I posted above solves the TB program listing problem - once and for all. I had the same problem you did - and couldn't fix it.

For the 'unambiguous' filename, you can use the same program; it will be in the same folder - and you won't have any problems with 'pathnames'. You can print any text source file.

You can 'highlight, cut & paste' the code in the Forum message to any text editor, including True BASIC.

I put dots in the 'space' strings. You can change the dots to space characters - or 'underscores'.

Let me know how the code works for you. Regards ... Tom M

Printing TB programs

The program you sent works OK. It is better than what I have been doing (viz., Select all, copy, and then paste that into a word document).

Problems with your program:
1. It truncates the program lines if they are longer than the 8.5" wide paper. (Some of my print statements are rather long.)
2. It prints, literally, from the top of the 11" high paper to the bottom - in the process it loses a line at the very bottom of the 11" page.

It's good enough, I can work around all that.

I can't believe that TB can't print a hardcopy of the program from the file menu ! ! ! Bring back the Mac ! ! !

Thanks for you help.

Program printouts

Hi Judd,

See my post about Program listings.

Big John


Hi Jud,

Up to and including version 5.31 the PRINT selection under the FILE menu worked correctly and didn't truncate the program lines to 45 characters. It is only subsequent versions that suffer this way. The new version 5.6 specifically addresses and cures this problem.

Big John

Re: Printing a TB program file

Jud ... For problem 1, in Page Setup, change page orientation to 'Landscape'.

For problem 2, I don't have a problem with my duplex (2-sided) printer (Canon ImageClass 4150). I have printed multi-page program listings and haven't lost a line of code.

You can always create a text file of a program listing by running the program from the Command line, at the bottom of the monitor screen. This 'printing' method is described on page 11 of the book "An Introduction to Numerical Methods using True BASIC", by Hanna & Hanna, 1995. It works on a Mac also. I have this book, and could email you the paragraphs from the book. Regards ... Tom M