64 bit software

I run windows vista 64 bit and I need a way to download it for that. When i go to install it, it tells me to contact the makers for a way to install it. What can I do?


Re: Vista 64-bit TB-install-problem

Hockeyshot ... The installer for True BASIC version 5.x is NOT Vista-compatible; the TB software is ok with Vista 64-bit.

The simplest thing to do is install your TB on any 32-bit computer. Then copy and paste the installed TB code from the 32-bit machine to your Vista machine.

To RUN your TB program, you need to search for the TB executable file and open it. Depending on the version of your TB ver. 5.x, you may have to copy TB's three .dll files to the Vista machine (Windows System folder). TB ver. 5.5x.. doesn't use or need these files.

If you have any problems, let us know. Regards ... Tom M