Gold version 5.6

When will this be available for purchase?


Version 5.6


Recently I have been diverted from further development work on Version 5.6 because of commercial pressures and a series of trips around the world on family matters. Hopefully I will get back to the task in a couple of weeks.

This task has been the victim of a series of set-backs because of conflicts with the System file for Version 5.5b19 and the sytsem file for earlier versions. There have also been problems with TrueCtrl such that I had to write my own version of the TextEdit control to avoid these conflicts.

The most recent development is a change from the current display of multiple windows, to a display of multiple text edit controls. This has simplified the code enormously and avoids problems with too many windows (the current version allows for 10 working windows and 7 support windows, whereas the new version only requires 1 working window and 5 support windows).

Big John