trying to install bronze on my windows vista pc. keeps saying cannot install certain files (shortcut, etc) and says "abort, retry, cancel". will not install. help.


Hi, You need to be aware


You need to be aware that VISTA treats the Program files folder in a different way to all other folders. Basically the folder is "protected" which in effect means that any application - such as TrueBASIC - and its support files are read/write protected. This means that TB cannot read the config file at start up. To avoid any problems DO NOT INSTALL TB in the program files folder.

Big John


There are many threads on this problem with VISTA. I assume the problem you are having is the same. The installer doesn't work with certain versions of TrueBasic and Vista. The fix is to install on an XP or older machine and then basically copy the entire TrueBasic folder onto some medium (a USB 'thumb' driveworks well) and then copy onto your vista machine. Everything should work OK then if you use one of the TB***.exe files [mine are TBGOLD.exe and TBSYSTEM.exe].