Will my TB Silver vers 5.30 run on Windows 7?

Will my TB Silver vers 5.30 run on Windows 7?


True BASIC running on Windows 7 64 bit ...

Bob_in_NM ... I bought my wife a Windows 7 64-bit Dell 537 machine for her birthday (March 15) and I've got it running TB Gold 5.41a. I just put my Gold 5.41a files on my Windows XP machine onto a flash drive, then copied and pasted the files to a folder on the Dell machine. Then I opened TB 5.41a, went to TB_Demos and ran the Towers of Hanoi program. Worked without any problems. Regards ... Tom M

P.S. I just went back to the wife's Dell and wrote - and RAN - my favorite TB test program:

for i=100 to 999
print i;
next i

Worked ok!! Regards ... Tom M

P.S. again. I forgot to mention, for my test program, I used the free TB program on the TB website, BrDemSetup.exe. I keep a copy of it on my Desktop, and transferred it to the Win 7 machine. Regards ... Tom M

Hi, TB version 5.30 is quite


TB version 5.30 is quite old - just a fraction older than the best version ever i.e. 5.31 which I use. These versions run on VISTA so there is no reason to suppose they won't run on Windows 7.

Big John

Windows 7 64-bit compatiblity

I now have a new computer on order with Windows 7 64-bit installed. What do I have to do with my TB Silver vers. 5.30 to make it run?

PS. I know 5.30 is old, but I still have a genuine True Basic 3-ring binder version of the Program Guide :) which lies open and flat on my desk when I need it.

5.3 on Windows 7

Hi Bob,

The 5.x versions are 32-bit so should all run just fine on Windows 7 and 64-bit Vista - the trick is installing it. As Tom says, all you have to do is copy the files (the language files and your code) onto the new hard drive.

Once they are copied over, just double-click any .tru file and browse to the tbsilver.exe file to associate it with files of that type. Check the box to always use tbsilver.exe to open files of that type and you will be up and running.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other trouble with it: support@truebasic.com.