TB 5.605 -- a few wishes

From the output window, it would be convenient if one could Copy output to the clipboard as text. Currently, output is always treated as graphic. To move text output to another application, I currently have to Echo To a temporary file.

I can invoke Echo from the Command Window at the bottom of the screen, but this window doesn't seem to store commands for recall. It's a bit of a nuisance to have to completely re-type my Echo To and Echo Off commands. We used to have this store-and-recall capability -- can it be restored? Or is it there and I just can't find it?

It would be convenient if recently used (but now closed) documents could be listed from the Editor File Menu, as many other applications do (e.g., Open Office Write)


Recently used files


The next release already contains a list of the ten most recently used files which will reload when the name in the list is clicked.

Not all of the original commands can be used on the command line. This is due to other unrelated problems with version 5.5b19 System file.

I would suggest you use the CLIPBOARD subroutine to write any text to the clipboard from within your running program.

Big John