Interface operation

Re radio groups, I can create them and preset them, but I'm unable to later reset them (to no selection) without freeing the group and recreating it. Any suggestions?

Re edit boxes, is there any way to pre-select a box so the user doesn't have to run the pointer there and click? I can tab between boxes, once the first is selected, but I can't select the first without using the pointer.

I'm running Basic Silver 5.42 on a Mac with System X. The Mac brings in Sytem 9 to run my Basic, however.

Paul Robinson




I think you are right about re-setting radio buttons. In the CTX library the radio buttons can be reset with:
CALL CT_RadioGroup_Set(id,button)
where button must be set to zero to reset all buttons, but I don't think this works with TrueCtrl.

Edit controls can be made active without using the mouse with:
CALL TC_select(id)
In the CTX library a similar call is used:
CALL CT_select(id)

Big John