printing in true basic bronze 5,5

we are having problems with the new version in our domain environment. all of our workstations have windows xp with service pack 3 and the printers we are printing to are networked. printing does not seem to be an issue in version 3.2. when a teacher goes to print, she will get a print failed error. this happens if she just prints the program from the screen or if she goes through the run command.


Re: printing ...

techhelp ... The command:

RUN >> output.txt

works when running the "free demo" version of TB on TB's website. I just tried it. Regards ... Tom M

Re: Printing in TB vrt

techhelp ... When you write "goes through the run command", do you mean RUN the TB program from the COMMAND line in the TB Editor, with the command:

RUN >> output.txt

This creates a text file on your computer. You can open file "output,txt" in your favorite wordprocessor, then edit the file (if desirable) and then print that file.

When running a TB program while in a program session where one would repeat several runs (say with changed variable values), TB will append each successive run to the same file (output.txt).

Your program users can use the same file name (output.txt) in their programming session. They won't append data to a previous user's output.txt file.

This running and printing procedure is fully described in the book "Introduction to NUMERICAL METHODS using True BASIC" by Owen and Owen (two brothers), on page 11.

The 15-plus TB programs in this book are written with the best programming "style" I've ever seen, and they cover a wide range of Numerical Methods". Regards ... Tom M