Program listings

Some versions of the editor e.g. 5.5b19 produce a truncated program listing where the program lines are only printed up to 45 characters across the page (the remainder is lost).
Versions up to 5.31 did not suffer from this problem.
To overcome this problem and to provide users with a simple way to make full and partial program listings I wrote a simple DO program. If this program is installed in the TBDO folder then it automatically appears under the RUN menu and can be used in the same way as DO FORMAT.
The user can specify start and end lines for partial listings. The default format is 80 characters per line and 60 lines per page, but this can be changed by the user. Full instructions are in the README file.
This program and its source code can be downloaded free from




Tried your program and I think everyone should know that it will also wrap lines longer than the specified line length. Hence you will not lose anything when printing the program.


Program listing

Hi Rick,

Thanks for reminding me. I wrote the program years ago and I had forgotten some of the features.

Big John