Picture Display Question

Hello, all.

A few years ago, I wrote a small program that would take a picture$, (from .jpeg or png, I forget now) and repeatedly draw it on the screen from one corner to another. It appeared to 'fly' across the screen...

Now, when I did not display the first few characters in the picture$, it would still appear perfect, and fly across the screen - about 10x faster.

I have lost the program now, (perhaps, it is on an old machine?) but the problem has been puzzling me for a long while. It is utterly undocumented, at least as far as I have been able to find out.

Any leads would be much appreciated. Thank you.





When you say "pictures" I assume you mean images because pictures have a special meaning in TrueBASIC.

Nowadays there is a routine that converts images in JPEG format and converts them to BOX string format:

CALL Read_image("JPEG",boxstring$,jpgfilename$)

Display the image with: BOX SHOW boxstring$ AT x,y

where x,y are the co-ordinates of the bottom left corner of the image on the screen.

Obviously as you change x,y in a FOR NEXT loop so the position of the image will change, i.e. it will fly across the screen.

The routine Read_iamge is a bit slow so if you include it inside the FOR NEXT loop then the image will travel slowly.

If you use Read_Image then enter the FOR NEXT loop the image will travel 10x more quickly because you are not doing the conversion each time.

Big John

Pictures Response

You have the assumptions right, BigJohn. Thank you very, very much! What you say makes good sense.