Print results page by page

I have a progran which is big and have pages of results. when I run the progran. I can onli see the last page of the results. what I have to do to see page by page of the results in the windows version.


Re: print page by page ...

josewiniawer ... How many times do I have to respond to your type of message with the following response?

RUN your program from the COMMAND line at the bottom of your TB Editor screen, using the following command - in the king's English:

RUN >> output.txt

When you exit your TB session, search your computer for the file "output.txt". Then OPEN that file in your favorite wordprocesssor program. All of the text you saw on your computer screen when running your TB program will be on your computer screen.

You can edit "output.txt" if you want to. Regards ... Tom M

RE: Print results page by page

You can keep a counter of lines printed and pause after each screenful. Don't forget to reset the counter after each pause.

Thanks but the tip does not solve my problem

Thanks for the tip. But this is only a
palliative solution what I really need is way put a scrollbar or a way to print direct to a Pdf or a .doc file becouse if I have to print a text which is larger than a page I will have to select the text and copy to microsoft word restart the print and redo all operation.

Print the output directly to a text file...

It seems to me that the simplest way would be to save the output in a .txt file, then open the said file in any text editor and print it out from there.

Mike C.