5.605 editor crashes when trying to run certain large programs

The five programs that I wrote and maintain for recording and analyzing behavior all run in the 5.42 version of the TB editor. Four of them, however, crash the 5.605 editor. SCAN and FOCAL both generate an "exception 808 at line 2035 in -tc_win_valid" message. LAG and KAPPA both generate an "exception 2001 at line 1636 in -tc_win_create" message.

Although it can't run the programs, 5.605 will bind them, and the bound versions execute properly.

The programs are too large to insert here, but they can be downloaded from:


If you run them successfully, they will leave a small configuration file in your root directory (OBSERVATION PROGRAMS CONFIGURATIONS.TXT) which you can delete when you are finished.



Large programs


The problem with large programs is already known - hence the move away from multiple windows to multiple Text Edit controls in the next release.

Big John

problems with large programs

Yes, I noticed that closing other windows (files) helped. The problem occurs, however, even when the large file is the only one open.

Large programs


The problem here is that earlier versions of the Editor didn't suffer from this problem. It seems it is limited to the binder for version 5.5b19. The editor code itself relies on the underlying system code and if there are bugs in that, then obviously they affect the way the editor works. Sadly version 5.5b19 seems to have more bugs than earlier versions.

Big John

large programs also crash the 5.42 editor

5.32 works a bit better -- I still use it at times.


Version 5.31

Hi all,

In my personl view, the very best editor, with the least bugs is version 5.31. No version ever produced since then has ever been as bug free. I use this version almost exclusively for all my commercial work. Version 5.5b19 is far too unstable and unreliable for the sort of work that I do.

Big John