Version 5.5b19 TrueCtrl lists

Under certain conditions, e.g. when a drop down list object covers a TextEdit control, the list selection may not always be recognized. When you click on an item in the list the drop down list retracts (because you have made the selection) but the value of the list item you have selected is not always recognized by TrueBASIC. You may have to repeatedly click on the item before it is recognized. This bug only appears in version 5.5b19 and not in earlier versions. The bug applies to ListBox, ListBtn and ListEdit controls.

Big John
24 June 2008

This problem afflicts the HELP window in the new editor. As a result, version 5.603 will replace the TrueCtrl topic selection list in the HELP window with a similar list object from the CTX library module.

Big John
13 July 2008

The interaction between List objects and TXED controls can be cured by de-sensitizing the TXED control with TC_sensitize.

Big John
17 July 2008