BIND.RTP for 4.01

Hi all.
I created numerous programs over the years using True Basic version 4.01. I kept the TB CDs for years, but I can't find them. I have the Hello.exe editor but cannot find the BIND.RTP file. I urgently need BIND.RTP for version 4.01 to recompile my code into a new executable.

I paid for the software years ago and I only need this one file - so I hope you'll understand my posting this here. Again, this is urgent because I need to re-compile my modifications before this weekend is over.

Thanks greatly for any help you can provide. Sincerely,
Roger Rapp
832 276 4447


Re: TB Professional ...

Roger Rapp ... Finally, after sixteen years, I've found someone who has the Subject version of TB. I got mine, on 20 Jan 93. It came on 10 single-density diskettes.

Since you have the 3DTK Toolkit, you might enjoy my only 3-D animation program, FLOATCUBE.TRU. If you email me, I'll send it to you as an attachment. The program file is plain text. It tumbles the famous "cut cube" (one corner lopped off) 3-D image in all three dimensions, simultaneously. It also RUNs ok in TB Gold version 5. Regards ... Tom M

Hi Roger, I have BIND RTP

Hi Roger,

I have BIND RTP and BIND.EXE for version 4.01 (TrueBASIC Pro).

I can attach these to an e-mail but I guess your anti virus software will reject the EXE file.

If you have an unzip utility I can send these files zipped together to an Internet site called SEDUIT.COM where you can down load the zip file.

Send me an e-mail to

Big John

Re: typo error? ...

Big John ... Isn't the name of that website spelled SENDUIT.COM? Regards ... Tom M


Thanks Big John. You're a saint! I've got my modifications made but can presently only run it from the editor. I'll write ya seperately.

Best regards.

just throwing some advice out there about sending files

the easiest and safest way to send .exe files so that antivirus accepts them is to download 7zip place files in a folder right click on the folder go to the 7zip option and click add to "foldername.7z"then send the 7zip file and then the other person download the 7z file and then uncompress the 7z file. this is one of the best ways to send exe files because most e-mail clients like hotmail g-mail and stuff wont let you send .exe files and this is a free way around it you can download 7zip from the following url...

click download for the exe on the website the msi isnt important and is not needed

Hi, Some time ago I used the


Some time ago I used the same technique of zipping files to get around the EXE problem. Nowadays there are plenty of smart servers that read the contents of zipped files and reject those containing EXE files. Double zipping worked for a time, but very soon the servers got even smarter and picked out the double zipped files. gets round this problem because you download direct to your PC. Your own antivirus software might warn you about the download containing an EXE file but you can ignore the warning.

Big John