This message is for everyone that is helping darenhiss (Tim Rikowski)

This message goes out to everyone helping darenhiss (Tim Rikowski). you guys are helping him with his school work and should stop. the point of him and his group making this game is to use it as a senior project to graduate, if he can't do this by himself then he shouldn't graduate. You guys really shouldn't help him with his schoolwork. I am in his class and he didn't purchase the program he copied the teachers cd. he's lying to you guys he really is not worth the time debugging his program. you guys tell him to use subprogams but this stupid shit keeps using case statements and getting himself get stuck in nested loops. just please let him do his schoolwork on his own.

And to Darenhiss (Tim Rikowski) you need to do your own work come on if you are going to do a program for your senior project you need to do research and do it yourself come on there is no reason for you to go to the support forums and get people to do and to debug your programs for you.


Help with school work


You are quite correct in saying that school projects need research and hard work in order to deserve graduation. A helping hand is not a bad thing but doing it all defeats the object of the course. I admire your honesty and courage in speaking out.

Big John