static text boxes don't work in programs bound with 5.605 editor

I have a large program (lag32) that uses static text boxes to display various messages while the program executes. These work properly when I bind the program using 5.42, but don't work at all when I bind with 5.605. I'll have the source code and a sample data file posted on Sourceforge in a few days -- as soon as I can update the manual.



Ok first I'd like to say

Ok first I'd like to say that this 350-029 is my first time using FOR NEXT loops and SUB ROUTINES. I learn best by actually applying myself. So seeing some examples of these SUB routines and FOR NEXT loops, I decided to incorperate them into my new project. Now this is a school assigned project so i DO NOT want anybody to go and do the work for me. but i would like maybey some 350-001 suggestions as to why my program is not working properly.I'm going to post my program up here and i am aware that my second sub routine doesn't work that's not my problem i can fix that. my problem is when I CALL make_line my make line input prompt statements pop up but then after i enter the needed information for my program to 350-018 plot my line for me, my other sub routine (SUB make_circle) starts doing it's thing and then my program shuts down and i get errors.

binding by drag and drop

Hi, John,
I tried to bind my program using the drag-and-drop technique you described, but this generated an error message: "library truectrl.trc: no such file". The file does exist, and the library statements in my program appear to be ok (and the program does bind from the editor, as per my earlier notes).

If the static text issue I described earlier is still of interest, I'll try to forward the files to you.


Static text boxes

Hi Bill,

When you are binding programs directly with Tbsystem.exe you need to make sure your library statements contain the full pathname e.g. "c:\TBsilver\TBlibs\TrueCTRL.trc".
The editor already knows where such libraries are located but the TBsystem file doesn't.
There are other issues with version 5.605 so I would suggest you try version 5.610. I can arrange to send you a copy if you wish.

Big John

Static Text problem

Hi Bill,

Try binding your source file by dragging your source file icon and dropping it onto the TBsystem file icon - you can use Windows Explorer for doing this. If this bound version works then there is something wrong with the new editor. If you get the same results i.e. Static text doesn't work then the problem is in your code.

Big John

Hi, This is strange because


This is strange because TrueCTRL generates Static text and that is the same for 5.42 and 5.605. Even more strange because the editor itself has static text boxes in various places and they all work correctly.

Big John

Is there some way to send you a large file?

I could send you bound versions from each editor (5.605 and 5.42) along with a data file to run, if you'd like to see the problem. Is there some way to send you such a large file?


Sending large files

Hi Bill,

The easiest way to send large files up to 100MB is to use SENDUIT.COM
Upload your file, select how long you want make it available (say 5 days) then send an e-mail with the link that lets the receiver download it.

My e-mail is

Big John