Version 5.607 etc


I have a small gap in my work schedule so I will update all those interested in the progress of the new editor.

Since my post on version 5.606 I went on to create version 5.607 i.e. the same as version 5.606 but compiled and bound with version 5.5b19 special binder.

Unfortinately, this version still inherited the bugs associated with text edit controls in version 5.5b19.

I have since then created a whole new concept for the editor. Rather than use multiple windows, I am using mutiple text edit controls in just one window. This immediately eliminates the problem of rapidly changing windows which sometimes caused previous versions to crash with large programs. There are two green arrow buttons (like Internet Explorer) to move forwards and backwards between the multiple text edit controls. Under the WINDOW menu there is also a list of current program files which can also be used to make a particular text edit control the focus. In addition there is a list of the 10 most recently used files that can be used to load a program into the next available text edit control. The editor code is now much reduced and benefits from this change.

Version 5.608 uses this new strategy based on version 5.606 i.e. compiled and bound with version 5.31. The disadvantages are the need for DLL files, and we are still using the TrueCtrl text edit control with its limitations. There are also restrictions on command line commands and the error reporting is not so good.

Version 5.609 is the same as version 5.608 but is compiled and bound with 5.5b19. This version doesn't requre DLL files but is subject to even more problems with the TrueCtrl text edit control. Most command line commands are supported and error reporting is good.

Version 5.610 (the version I am currently working on)is the same as version 5.609 but substitutes my own version of the text edit control that doesn't use the OBJECT sub-routine.

This may all sound like a complicated way of doing things, but this is because I am severely hampered by having no access to the compiler/interpreter code and not having the source code for the special binder to cure the bugs not associated with the editor code. For example, the editor source code cannot be run as you would a normal program because it is short of some sub-routines that are inserted by the special binder. In other words you have to bind the source code before you can test run the code - a tedious process that slows down development.

That is where we are currently at. As soon as I have anything worthwhile to release I will post it on the free downloads on my website at
These free beta test versions are valid for 30 days then they cease working.

Big John


Version 5.607 etc

Just keep up the hard work and I hope to see a more modern user friendly editor some time in the near future.