yet again i need some help

I am yet again having some problems with my game. i wanted to add a projectile for my character to throw so i did this.
SET WINDOW 0,543,327,0
PLOT 144,141;235,141
PLOT 174,141;168,133
PLOT 174,141;168,149
PLOT 168,133;217,133
PLOT 217,133;235,141
PLOT 168,149;217,149
PLOT 217,149;235,141
PLOT 187,141;183,133
PLOT 187,141;183,149
PLOT 200,141;194,133
PLOT 200,141;194,149
PLOT 213,141;207,133
PLOT 213,141;207,149
PLOT 226,141;217,149
PLOT 226,141;217,133
BOX KEEP 144, 168, 174, 235 in feather$
LET x = 144

FOR move = 1 to 50
BOX CLEAR x, x+1, 174, 235
LET x = x + 2
BOX SHOW feather$ at x,174
NEXT move

I want it to shoot across the screen but it keeps just dissapearing. also how would i make it where when it hits an enemy it stops and sticks in them? any help would be greatly appreciated.



Ok Thanks for the help

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The last part of your program should be as follows:

BOX KEEP 144, 235, 149,133 in feather$
LET x = 144
FOR move = 1 to 50
BOX CLEAR x, x+2, 149, 133
LET x = x + 2
BOX SHOW feather$ at x,149
NEXT move

You need to understand that BOX KEEP requires the co-ordinates left,right,bottom,top, whereas in your original code you were using the PLOT statement co-ordinates which are left,bottom,right,top. As a result you were BOX KEEPing a blank area of the screen - this is why your image kept disappearing.

Big John