i need help again srry :(

Hey you guys already know about final conquest so i was wondering 2 things

1) is there a way that i can call a program thats not written in the menu itself like if i wanted to call a shop program i could have the shop located in another file but still use it .

2)is there a way to which i can save the info on the computer or etc and start off from where i left?

no rush on this one me and my group have to make the programs first so yea take your time.

regards Tim Rakowski




(1)The process of calling another program from the one that is currently running is called CHAINING. You can CHAIN to other programs and when you close them down control returns to your program.

(2) The process is quite simple. List all the values of the variables that you need and write these values to a text file. At start up, your program needs to read this text file (if it exists) and to assign all the values to the correct variables.

Big John

thank you

can you give me an example of the chaining like how i would do it, and an example of reading from the text document, also is there a way that you can get tb to save a word document?

Hi, You need to read the TB


You need to read the TB manual where it tells you how to use CHAIN - or the HELP menu will do the same.

Suppose you have a program called program1 and at some stage you want to run a second program such as WORD or EXCEL or let us say program2, the you would use:

CHAIN "!program2.exe",RETURN

This will run program2. When you shut down program2 your original program will continue.

You cannot save WORD documents because they have a special format. However you can save a WORD document in TXT format which TrueBASIC can understand.

Big John


ok but can tru basic save to a .txt format. Also how would i get the program to read it?
And can i call another tb program while running a tb program such as if i were to hit something to activate a store can that program run when its not in the actual game itself?