ERROR in 5.608

Hi everybody,
There is a silly error in the beta version of 5.608.
Basically when you shut down, the program runs through all the existing files that are open and asks you one by one if you want to save them. The dialog box correctly identifies each filename in turn, but the TextEDit control is NOT refreshed with each file - it still contains the very first file in the list. The result is that the same text is saved to all filenames. I will cure this pronto and issue a new release very quickly.

Since 5.608 was released I have looked at having a right click menu, but sadly the TextEdit control absorbs right clicks without passing them on. Instead, I have included a toolbar with about a dozen quick-access icons - such as OPEN, SAVE, RUN, FORMAT, CUT, COPY, PASTE etc. These will probably be in 5.608 when I re-release it.

Big John