TrueBASIC and Macs OS X.5.n

We are finally changing our older Macs running OS X.3.n (which have the "classic" environment to allow us to run the older version of TrueBASIC.)

The incoming Macs will be running OS 10.5.n; so, no "classic" environment; hence, no TrueBASIC for Macs.

According to this web site, I should be able to add CrossOver Mac to our new Macs and run TrueBASIC, with just a click of the mouse.

I need to know which level of TrueBASIC to purchase for an introductory programing class. I assume it will need to be a "Windows" version, and the Bronze level.

Any help will be appreciated.

Bob I


Running True BASIC using CrossOver Mac

I've downloaded CrossOver Mac and installed on a new iMac OS 10.5.x. (So I can run the Windows version of True BASIC on my Mac.)

When I tried to download the Free Demo of True BASIC Bronze, it appears to download the old Macintosh "classic" version.

Do I have to download to a windows machine, save to a server account and then drag to the new iMac? I can't figure anyway else to get the windows version of TrueBASIC onto the Mac.

Has anyone done this? If so are you willing to offer advice? If so let me know and I'll post my e-mail address or phone number (I'll take a collect call), as you wish. Or, you could just post the advice.


Bob I

Re: running old form of true basic ...

Bob I ... The biggest question about running True BASIC currently is "Will True BASIC run under Windows 7 64-bit?" As Big John Arscott has pointed out in a recent Forum message, TB version should run ok because the TB Editor program listings are text files. We're waiting for the word.

Have you downloaded the "Free and Demo" BrDemSetup.exe version of Bronze version 5. I have it on my Windows XP Desktop and a Vista 32-bit notebook. Runs any of my TB program listings, including 3D graphics. BrDemSetup doesn't have the TB Help feature that explains Functions and Statements. TB beginners need a written TB Manual - or - an internet TB tutorial. Regards ... Tom M