Some DLL files missed

My new TB version is Gold 5.5, When i run the following application, the error messages comes:

BtoTB.exe : xnmba420.dll was not found
convert.exe: xnmba458.dll was not found
TBilt.exe: xnmba458.dll was not found
tbreader.exe : xnmba420.dll was not found

It seems some dll files are missed. Can someone help ?



TB ver 5.5xx and .dll files ...

calonefan ... True BASIC 5.5xxx and above doesn't have and doesn't use .dll files.

Perhaps you are using a BasToTB.exe app file from a previous version of TB, like TB version 5.4xxx or lower. The .dll files come with and are required in these versions of TB. Do you have one or more of these TB versions on your computer? Your Forum message suggests that you do.

Have you read the BasToTB .pdf 'manual' that's in the Utilities folder of your TB version 5.5xx? There's no mention of .dll files in this manual.

You need to keep your TB version 5.5 in its own folder, an RUN its Utility programs, including BasToTB.exe, from there. Regards ... Tom M

Dll files

This has come up several times on the forum, I had the same problem with my 5.5 gold edition. You can find them and other helpful downloads at or just go through the forum posts to find them.
Is it in any way possible to have some kind of search feature incorporated into the forum so people can find what they are looking for a bit easier.