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Hi all,

I have a problem printing from true basic silver,I have a school that we support having a problem printing from the application.

A bit of background: we had the application printing from an HP 2200 series network printer mapped through sciptlogic as an IP Printer using the laserjet III Driver, unfortunately this printer has developed a hardware issue and has been sent for repair in the meantime we have been allocated an HP CP2025n printer to use as the replacement printer.

I have set this printer up and mapped it to the computers in the suite using scriptlogic,I have also replicated all printer settings from the old printer to the new one, I have also tried various drivers including the LaserjetIII driver as yet I have been unable to get the printer to print from the application.

I have tried to set the printer up as a shared printer and map it through sciptlogic that way still no luck.

I can ping the printer and also connect to the printer through a web browser, I can also print a test page from the printer both as an IP printer and as shared printer.

Could anyone give me any advice regarding this issue, many thanks in advance.



Re: printer problem ...

Gerry ... There are simple-to-implement workarounds to ease your temporary printing problem. One of the best ways to get printable TB program text output is to RUN a TB program that sends ALL text that appears on your computer screen - even if the text output is longer than what you get on one screen's worth - is to send ALL of your program output to a text file that can be SAVED to memory and printed after your TB session is closed.

What you need to do is RUN your TB program from the COMMAND line you see at the bottom of the TB Editor screen. To RUN a program, you type "run gtgt filename.txt", where "gt" is the "greater than" symbol on the "period" keyboard key. No printer is involved in this method of running TB programs.

When you exit your TB session, you can fetch the "filename.txt" file and take it to any printer you have and create hardcopy.

This method of running and printing TB programs works for any version of True BASIC from version 2 to version 5. Try it. Regards ... Tom M

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Printer problem


If you look back through the records you will find that when users complain about getting printers to function, it is always HP printers that are the problem. I only use EPSON printers and I have never had any problem getting them to run and print with TB.

Big John

RE: Printing Issue

Hey Gerry,

Quick question about your problem. Is the problem that you cannot print using the True Basic TBSILVER program, or that you cannot print period?

Are you able to print from other programs such as word processors like Microsoft word?

If so then you could simply highlight your source code press ctrl+c and then open up Microsoft Office Word and press ctrl+v to paste your source code into the word processor and then you could print using Microsoft Word until your old printer is returned to you from whoever is repairing it for you.

I personally use this method every time i print a True Basic Program because I find i am able to organize the program better for reading on paper.


Re: network printer ...

Gerry ... Your message asked for advice. My advise in a situation like yours is always own a spare (backup) device, so your situation can't happen. That's what I do. As an example, I have a Samsung 2500-series backup printer, and it's still in its original shipping box. Regards ... Tom M