School Project! I need help. $$$$$

So I have a project do in a week for a beginners course in true basic. If anyone has any old projects that they are willing to sell me give me an offer!!! I dont plan on trunning in your exact progam... just using as a reference to work from to create an original program. If anyone has ever been in my positoin and is willing to help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Also, if there is anyone willing to tutor over the phone or in person I would be willing to pay. I really need to get this project done. Im having trouble figuring out the more complex programming code.


TB program

hanginsd28 ... Below is a simple program listing I posted on this Forum several weeks ago. It fills the computer screen with 256 color swatches. Highlight and copy the program listing below. You then paste it into your TB Editor.

rem filename: color256c.tru, tjm, 07-20-03
rem plots 256 color swatches

SET MODE "color256"
SET WINDOW 1, 17, 1, 17
LET cv = -1
FOR r = 1 to 16
FOR c = 1 to 16
LET cv = cv + 1
BOX AREA c, c+1, r, r+1
SET COLOR 1 ! "white"
PLOT TEXT, AT c, r: STR$(cv)
SET COLOR 0 ! "black"
PLOT TEXT, AT c, r+0.5: STR$(cv)
pause 1


If you want a "free" copy of True BASIC, go to the Free and Demo button on TB's navigation bar and download the BrDemSetup.exe file. This executable (.exe) file will run color256c.tru.


We here on The true basic FORUMS DO NOT condone cheating! However if you have a problem with your program, post your problem and we will be more than happy to help come to a solution.