Can anyone offer me some advice?

I have created this program for a gradebook. Can anyone tell me how I can put the DATA into Files that I can attach to the program?

DIM grades (50,10), weights(10), average(50), name$(50)

READ s,g !number of students, grades
MAT READ grades(s,g), weights(g), name$(s)
MAT average = grades * Weights

FOR I = 1 to s
PRINT Name$(I), average(I)

DATA 6,4
DATA 87,78,82,86
DATA 87,99,82,100
DATA 73,82,67,85
DATA 59,62,73,81
DATA 88,88,88,88
DATA 77,61,59,93
DATA .2,.2,.2,.4
DATA Abel,Baker,Cross,David,Elmer,Forest