Does anyone have an estimate of what it would cost, and who could be found, to write the code for TrueBASIC to run on OSX? On other platforms? TrueBASIC is in danger of extinction otherwise, which would be a tragedy.


Re: TB extinction ...

sphubbell ... True BASIC DOES run on the operating system OSX. It just has to be the Snow Leopard OS. I think that TB Inc. would likely write a strictly OSX version of TB if Apple Computer would pay for the project. Regards ... Tom M

TB for OSX


TB did commission a version that wopuld run on OSX but the project only got as far as running on the UNIX core platform, and even then it didn't support libraries like TrueCtrl or TrueDial. The project was abandoned in 2006.
The market for an OSX version is too small to cover the cost of further development.

Big John