Calling .bmp files

Hey, I am writing a yahtzee game for my programming class, and I need to call an image for it. I know the code for it is
CALL read_image ("MS BMP", filename$, "filename.bmp")

however, every time I do this and I hit run, it says run successful and it does not show me the image. Any thoughts?


Hey its me chunk from your programming class

i explained to you in school near the beginning of your program you need to make a list of every image you need to use.

CALL read_image ("MS BMP", filename1$, "filename5.bmp")
CALL read_image ("MS BMP", filename2$, "filename5.bmp")
CALL read_image ("MS BMP", filename3$, "filename5.bmp")
CALL read_image ("MS BMP", filename4$, "filename5.bmp")
CALL read_image ("MS BMP", filename5$, "filename5.bmp")

then when you are ready to show your image you put the following...

BOX SHOW filename1$ at x(low),y(high)

the x will usually be 0

the y will be how high on the screen your image will appear.

x,y is the top left of the image.

I will explain it to you tomorrow 5th period at school


Thanks Chunk, I think I got it now.