Malfunctioned flash drive PLEASE HELP! VERY IMPORTANT!

Hello I have been using a usb flashdrive to save all my truebasic files to and recently whenever i plug in the flashdrive a message pops up saying

"The usb device attatched to this computer has malfunctioned and windows cannot recognize it."

All i need are the files on it I have about 4000 files on it all of my school work throughout my highschool so far. It is very important I NEED TO RECOVER THESE FILES!!! I could care less about the flashdrive itself I can buy another one. I JUST NEED TO RECOVER THESE FILES!! Please help!!!


bubbachunk ... Go to another

bubbachunk ... Go to another computer, and boot it without installing the flashdrive. When the computer has settled down, insert the flashdrive. You should hear a beep or two. Right-click on the desktop My Computer icon. If a submenu opens up, left-click on Explore -or perhaps - Properties. I think you likely will know what to do then. Let us know what the outcome is. Regards ... Tom M

Hi, Did you remove the


Did you remove the device from a computer without clicking on the icon on the task bar that lets you remove devices SAFELY. This could be why it no longer works. I have no idea how your data can be recovered. Sorry.

Big John