windows 7 installation


I can confirm that the new editor can be installed on computers operating under 64 bit windows 7. The installer package with existing versions of TB may not work, but this is because the installer package is not compatible with Windows 7. The TB language system itself is compatible.

Big John


Windows 7 installation

I am running True Basic Silver vers. 5.30 in Windows XP. How do I get an installer package to install it on Windows 7?

Bob in NM

5.30 installation on Windows 7

Hi Bob,

Currently we don't have a 64-bit installer (a .exe file) for Windows 7, but you can simply copy the program files from your old hard drive onto the hard drive of your new computer. This would be the TB Silver folder in the C:\Program Files directory - unless it was manually installed in a different folder. Just copy the files over, including any of your own programs, then double-click any .tru file. Follow the steps to associate tbsilver.exe with .tru files and you will be up and running. All you will have to do at this point is make new shortcuts, if you want them.

The only element of TB that is incompatible with 64-bit operating systems is the current installer, so if you bypass that you are all set (the steps above).