pause statement in program

I need to be able to stop the output of a math program instead of just pausing until such time as i am finished reading it. I can do that with a pause statement that is pause 30 or some other figure but its either too long or too short.once i am finished scanning the output of the run then i would like to press a key to resume the program i have basic books but none of them adress this dilemma.I hope that I have described my problem correctly. For instance....
For k = -15 to 15
plot text,at k,etc.
next k
pause 10, etc.
set mode,etc.
Instead of pause I need some statement or short subroutine to take the place of pause (t).Please help if you can. sincerely Joseph Dobash . My email is


Do a controlled time pause ...

joseph ... You can create a controlled time PAUSE by using the program statement:


or any other letter key.

Put this program line immediately after any text you want to read that's on the computer screen. When you're finished reading, just tap the Spacebar key; your program will continue running normally.

When I'm developing a TB program, I frequently insert several GET KEY q statements into my program listing, to search for programming errors. After I've completed debugging the new program, I either delete the GET KEY lines - or - comment them out with the exclamation point character. Regsrds ... Tom M

joseph ... GET KEY q works

joseph ... GET KEY q works with graphics also. For example, if you are drawing a series of graphic lines in a FOR - next LOOP, you could put a GET KEY q program line after each DRAW program line. I think I did this when I was developing my FLOATCUBE.TRU 3D graphic animation program. I had to draw 24 lines for the famous CUT_CUBE 3D object. The end points of the 24 lines were embedded in a 4-column, 24-row array. The 4th column was used for "pen up" and "pen down" control. Regards ... Tom M