experience of using true basic

I used dos version of true basic. it was very good. since windows is commonly used, i would like to try windows version, if it is good, i will place order.


Try FREE version first ...

haiquan5 ... Before buying True BASIC version 5, go to the True BASIC website, truebasic.com, then navigate to the "Free and Demo" bar and download the file BrDemoSetup.exe, then install it on your computer.

This executable file is a free version of True BASIC Bronze. It runs for more than 15 minutes before it shuts itself down.

Even though I have True BASIC Bronze, Silver and Gold, I have BrDemoSetup.exe installed on my computer Desktop, and I use BrDemo to write and test simple program files. Please tell us what you think of BrDemo. Regards ... Tom M