Version 5.601 (beta test)

Beta tests on version 5.601

The following bugs have been reported in the new editor version 5.601 and have been resolved in version 5.602

(1) Font names are duplicated in the font selector dialog box in the Preferences window under the SETTTINGS menu.
This problem has been resolved in the TrueCTRL library module. At the same time the list of available fonts has been ordered alphabetically.

(2) The OK button in the Preferences window would not close the window when no selctions had been made.
The OK button will now close the window whether selections have been made or not.

(3) When closing the last visible window, the user is asked if they wish to exit the editor. If the user says NO then the editor shuts down anyway.
This has been resolved so that the user is offered a file selector dialog box in order to open a new file, when they say NO to quitting the editor.

(4) In the text area of the editor, text can be highlighted by dragging the mouse across the text or by using the SHIFT key and the ARROW keys. On the second arrow keystroke the editor issued the following error message "Command not recognized".
This bug has been cured so that SHIFT-ARROW combinations work correctly.

(5) Accessing the FORMS feature through the HELP menu caused a "no such file" error message.
This was due to a faulty SET DIRECTORY instruction pointing the editor to the wrong folder. This has now been rectified.

(6) Set Alias under the SETTINGS menu did not work.
This was due to part of the code being inadvertently commented out.
This has now been resolved.

(7) The buttons in dialog boxes can be activated by clicking with the mouse or by using the RETURN key to activate the default button.
The SPACE BAR can now be used as an alternative to the RETURN key.

(8) The editor crashes when you "paste" text into an empty window, but works correctly if the window already contains more than one line of code.
This problem has now been resolved. (30 June 2008)
The solution involves a fix in TrueCTRL but the real problem lies in the OBJECT sub-routine (method 23) which crashes when there is only one line of code.

(9) The FORMS option under the HELP menu starts with an empty design window. If you CLOSE this window instead of selecting QUIT from the right click menu, then the window closes but leaves FORMS running with no method for stopping it. With FORMS running it is impossible to use the editor.
This problem was due to a mistaken window ID and has now
been cured. (30 June 2008)

John Arscott
28 June 2008
edited 30 June 2008