Printing the code of a program (List)

Whenever I print a program (List) the entire program gets truncated in that each line contains a maximum of 31 characters even though the line in the program contains more than that.

I'm using either a Brother HL5250 or a Brother DCP9045. When I attempt to use an HP 4250 PCL nothing prints at all.
Is there a way I can change preferences or someting to make the print (list) function print up to 80 characters?


Printing Problem

Tom, Thanks very much. I did a search for the problem but I didn't find anything. Perhaps a more sophisticated search would produce what I was looking for. In any case I appreciate your help. I discovered a work around by selecting the code, copying it and pasting to MSWord...then printing. I will try your suggestion however. Thanks again. Bob

Re: printing TB program lists ...

Redux ... This problem has been addressed in several Forum messages in 2009. The solution is to print program lists to a file, via the Command line at the bottom of your computer screen. You must type in:

print gtgt filename.ext

where gt is the 'greater than' keyboard character (upper case period key, you type two of them). Then you press the 'Enter key'.

Using MS Notepad or Wordpad, you can open filename.txt, and print your program listing. You can edit the listing if necessary, before you print the listing pages.

The 'print gtgt filename.ext' trick may not be described in your TB user manual(s). Regards ... Tom M

More on TB program listings ...

Redux ... A simpler way of printing TB program listings is to explore your computer for the program file you want to print; this might be tricky for a computer novice. Then open the file in your preferred wordprocessor (like Notepad or Wordpad). You don't involve True BASIC this way. I do this frequently, viewing the 'right-click' menu(s) before I do a 'left click'. I do a right-click "Open with" to open the searched TB program file.

Right-clicking is a computer art that too many people avoid when file searching. Regards ... Tom M

Printing Problem

Ahh yes, this is without question the best solution. It eliminates the copy and paste...and it works. Thanks very much. Bob



If you visit my website at
you will find on the free downloads page a small DO program that you can invoke directly from the editor. It works like DO FORMAT except it prints full width lines. It also lets you define the number of lines per page and the number of characters across the page.

Big John


Big John, thank you very much. I have downloaded this do routine and it works just fine.