Support Forum Neglect = Start a List Server

Is it possible to have a list server for needs of programmers and practitioners of TrueBASIC? I am not volunteering to do any of the work, but it seems simple enough to set up by one who is savy.

The problem is that the owners of TrueBASIC neglect reading their email and support forums, relying on users instead, except for orders with credit card numbers.

For example, I contacted the owners several times about licensing of and exceptions raised by the run time engine on Win XP Pro, and no one bothered to reply. I guess they thought there was no money in it, but nevertheless the indifference is bad for business.

To order upgrades took much longer than when their offices were in Lebanon NH closer to Dartmouth.

If the management wants TrueBASIC to continue, they must address these issues publicly.




I'm sorry if you have had trouble contacting us in the past. I'm not sure when or whom you attempted to contact with your questions, but I'm happy to help if I can. You can use the contact form on this site or email me directly at