Output window

just wondering, is there a way in which your run, or output screen's default size to be changed because mine takes up the entire desktop when i only want it to be maybe at most 1/4 the size



Hey Tim,

Dude I'm sorry I'm kind of an a-hole to u, but u know i like to help people. Tomorrow 5th period I'll give you the source code that will make the output window just barely bigger than your images. That being said, you will need to make sure that all your images are the same size.



I hope that source code i gave you helps

Changing the default window


You need to include the TrueCTRL library in your program then add the following lines:

CALL TC_init
CALL TC_setunitstopixels
CALL TC_setrect(0,left,right,bottom,top)

where 0 is the ID number for the default output window.

Big John