Box string to .jpg/.bmp?

Is it possible to save a boxkeep string to disk as a JPEG or BMP file? If so, how does one do it. Thanks.


Saving images to file


You can save any boxstring image to a file on disk using:

CALL Write_Image("MS BMP",Boxtring$,Filename$)

where boxtring$ is the variable containing details of the image
where filename$ is the name of the file you wish to save. Regardless of what format the image came from the output file will only be in 24 bit BMP format. In other words you could have stated with a JPG image and you could have converted this to a boxstring with:

CALL Read_Image ("JPEG",boxstring$,Filename$)

Unfortunately the reverse process is not possible - the output format is always BMP.

Big John

Saving Images to file

Thanks, Big John.
I thought that was in the manual somewhere. Couldn't find it in the index under "image"; but it's on p 14-33.
Regards, Mike