How do I create Triangles and Arcs in True Basic?

I need to graph a circle that contains triangles, arcs, arc measures, and angle measures, all in different colors. I need major help!


Aghy22 ... That's simple.

Aghy22 ... That's simple. Navigate to the TB ArcLib.tru file. It's in the TBLibs folder (subdirectory). Study what's there. Regards ... Tom M


Tom, What version has this arclib.tru? I have 5.33 and there's no arclib. anywhere.

Mike C.

Re: arclib.tru

mcc ... I use both TB ver 5.41a and TB ver 5.5b19. arclib.tru has existed in TB versions before TB 5.5xxx.
As far as I know, there is no compiled (.trc) version of arclib. You may have to find arclib in the 'source' folder under the TBLibs. After I post this message I'll go to my TB 5.5xxx files and print th arclib program list. Regards ... Tom M

Re: arclib.tru

mcc ... arclib.tru is in both the TBLibs folder and its sources subfolder. It's 123 lines of code. To print it out do that using the Wordpad or Notepad text editors. Regards ... Tom M

arclib.* not there...

Neither arclib.tru nor arclib.trc is in the tblibs folder or anywhere else. There are 13 .trc libs and 15 .tru libs in the tblibs folder, and none anywhere else on the computer. I wonder what else might be missing.

Mike C.

Re: arclib.tru

mcc ... Email me. I'll reply with the arclib plain text file. Regards ... Tom M