Need help installing TB Bronze

I have followed these instructions unsuccessfully. Can someone please help me?

1. Unzip the TB Bronze archive using Winzip, WinRAR or similar program and extract the files to the directory of your choice (most often C:\Program Files\TB Bronze).

2. Navigate to the TBLibs folder, located inside the TB Bronze folder.

3. Double-click any .tru file in this folder. Follow the steps to associate the application tbbronze.exe with .tru files, selecting the 'always use' option.

4. Double-click tbbronze.exe and the program will start.

I am unable to complete step 3.


Finding TB Bronze

I'm sorry you're having trouble setting this up. It sounds like you are getting stuck at finding tbbronze.exe in the list of programs to use to open .tru files. I will go forward on that assumption - let me know if I took the wrong tack.

First, open up the TBLibs folder so you can see the list of .tru files. If your computer does not yet know to use tbbronze.exe to open .tru files, when you double-click a .tru file you should be prompted to select a program to use to open it with. You can also right-click a .tru file and select 'Open with' to see this dialog box/list of recommended programs. Usually, Windows does not list a recommended program at first, so you will need to click the 'Browse' button on the lower right side of the dialog box. This will open up an Explorer window.

Navigate to whatever folder you saved your TB download in - wherever you unzipped the files to. You should find the file tbbronze.exe in the top-level TB Bronze folder. Select this as the program to use, and then check the box to 'always use the selected program to open this type of file.'

I think that covers it... let me know if you're still unable to make it work or if I didn't answer your question.



i can help

If you download teamviewer 5 and give me your id and temp generated password I can come into your computer via teamviewer remote access and install it for you. send me an e-mail at ill help you out. If you read the info at the teamviewer website it shows that it is safe and if you think I am trying to do something bad you can close me out at any time.

True basic should really look into using teamviewer. you can connect to the buyers computer do a file transfer and install it for the customer with no problems I have been using it to help people for almost 2 months now.

TB Bronze ...

amylovesregina ... I don't believe that tbbronze.exe should be in the TBLibs folder. It should be in the TB Bronze folder. That's where it is on my computer. Regards ... Tom M