Fast fourier transform

Does anyone have a fast Fourier transform program that they would like to share with a lazy guy who does not want to write his own. I need nothing fancy. Any help would be well appreciated.



Could you please send me a copy of that diskette via e-mail?
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Bob Brannock
There's a TB FFT program on page 297 (with discussion on prior pages) of Gould and Tobochnik "An Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods" 2ND EDITION copyright 1996, Addison Wesley (not in the 3rd Ed which I think was in C). I have no idea how well it works. Sometime ago I found used copies on the web. TB used to sell them. Tom M. clued me in to the text on his Forum comments.

Bob Brannock

Re: Gould etc. 3rd edition ...

Bob ... The Subject edition's programs are in Java applets. I think that's what they call them. I bought one; it's gathering dust on a bookshelf. Regards ... Tom M

Second Edition

Thanks Tom. As I recall Gould and and Tobochnik did not use TB in their 3rd Ed. I was able to get a copy of the 2nd Ed. from TB before they sold out based on a comment from you on the FORUM. Delightful text, physics oriented ... lots of TB programs in the text but no disk with the programs included.

Bob B.

Re: Gould ...

Bob ... If you have a dedicated scanner or a multi-function printer, you should be able to scan the TB code off book pages and concatenate the code segments.

I'm using the Canon imageCLASS 4150 laser duplex printer these days; it's out of production now but there are later 4000-series Canon laser printers currently in production.
You can always find one for $200 or less. Regards ... Tom M

Fast Fourier Transform in True BASIC

jimf ... You're in luck. The famous books NUMERICAL RECIPES in Fortran, C and BASIC, in Chapter 12, contain the recipe "FOUR1". Tom Kurtz printed a slim 'book' named "Numerical Recipes in True BASIC" in Febuary 1992 and it contains the FOUR1 program, and the demo TB file and demo data file that enables one to RUN TB FOUR1.

One word of caution: you likely will need to have access to, a Numerical Recipes Software Inc. book in Fortran or C, plus Julien C Sprott's book Numerical Recipes in BASIC. I think these books might still in print. I don't know anything about Tom Kurtz' 23 page mini-book. Regards ... Tom M

Re: Tom Kurtz Four1 recipe

Whoops! I forgot to mention I have the Subject book & a diskette with all of the Numerical Recipes files. Regards ... Tom M