Need help with Simple true program

I've been trying to solve the following program but to no avail. ccan someone give me a hand?
A particular business wants to make money selling mailing labels to customers. In order to this, it wants to have a variety of mailing labels for the customers to choose from. Write a program that asks for different pieces of information about a person and displays three different types of mailing labels. The program should ask for at least eight pieces of information on each person (various parts of their names, their address, their zip code, their social security number, etc.). Have the program print out three types of mailing labels-with the parts displayed differently on each one. Each mailing label does not have to include all the information on each person. But all pieces of information should be used on at least one of the mailing labels.


Simple program ...

amylovesregina ... My recommendation: don't program this in True BASIC. Instead, create an Excel "membership" database that contains all of the member's address data.

Then, using MS Word, design the address labels in Word, using the Mail Merge directions under Word's Format menu column. The Excel file will contain the membership address data. I create ZIP-code-sorted mailing labels for about 800 "members", six times a year, for a volunteer organization. I'd never do this another way. Regards ... Tom M

Simple (complexed) program...

I think it's no usefull to use Word and Excel in that kind of complex mailing labels.
I'we written this kind program and I used flag fields in customer data for each one. I used pakcb and bin$ routines, but it was DOS-time and hard-disk space was very expensive.

Try this way: add each customer record one field for each type of labels f.ex. this way:

If you have eight data fields in record add this kind field for every mailing list "10111010"

That tells you what fields in this label you use for this customer.
i.e. "00000000" means that this customer is ignored in this list and "11111111" means that everything is written.

For adding new customers you must have also a screen with check boxes to do that.