True Basic .PDF manuals

Hi I currently own a legitiamte copy of truebasic TBBRONZE and TBSILVER. I have a .pdf manual for TBBRONZE but I dont have a TBSILVER manual I was hoping that someon could e-mail me a copy of the TBSILVER .pdf manual. my e-mail address is


Silver docs

I'm sending you a copy of that right now.



could i get a copy of that

could i get a copy of that too?

my email:


thanks, i got it

PDF manuals


If you own a copy of TB Silver I'm happy to send you the manual. These books are copyrighted material, so it's generally frowned upon to exchange them randomly.

Thanks for understanding.

Anne Site Admin

Thank you

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of the manual it will really help me out a lot.