Store & retrieve text AND numbers between TB and Excel spreadsheet

Bubbachunk ... The Subject: is the best way to store TB "data" and fetch TB "data", is with an Excel spreadsheet, because you can do much more calculating with a spreadsheet, and you can exchange "data" with people who don't know a thing about True BASIC.

To store TB data, you just need to duplicate the hand-typing you'd do if you were typing "data" directly into Excel. The only "control" characters you'd work with is ASCII 9 (Tab) and the characters ASCII 13 + 10 (carriage-return + line feed) in Windows.

Creating a "byte" file that can work with both TB and Excel is the easiest way to exchange "data". You don't need to fool around with text and numbers differently. The byte file handles both in exactly the same way.

The medium of exchange is a "string variable". It can be a short string or a long string, limited only by the amount of memory in your computer.

If you're interested, email me some TB "data" and I'll create the Excel file. If you have Excel "data" I'll transport the "data" to a TB file. Regards ... Tom M