TB 5.33 vs 5.5b19?

what's the difference between these two and which is deemed "better?" To me version 5.33 seems more stable and less buggy.

also, is it worthwhile upgrading from 5.5b19 to the current 5.5 version (what number is it?). Will going to the 64 bit version for Win 7 make a perceptable difference?

Carl Schatz


Re: TB 5.5...

carl.schatz ... Any of the TB versions that begin with 5.5... do NOT require any .dll files to work. That's the main reason TB 5.5b19 is "nicer" than TB 5.33..

I use 5.5b19 all the time, and never have a problem with the programs I create. I never write programs that make use of TrueDials or any of the other Truexxx Libraries. Accordingly, my TB programs work using ANY TB version, from 2 to 5.

I especially like running the 3D graphic demo programs in TB version 4 Professional, the absolute best version of TB ever sold by True BASIC Inc; can't get it anymore. Regards ... Tom M

P.S. TB works great for me on my wife's Dell Windows 7 64-bit desktop. See the Forum messages below that address this issue. Regards ... Tom M

5.5 vs 5.33 vs 4.0x

Tom, thanks very much for your comments; I will stick with 5.5b19.

Like you I also have 4.0x and I really like it. Especially the good documentation book on the libraries.

I don't write a heavy volume of programs, but I think TB is great. Especially the structured, non-windows approach.



carl ... I couldn't agree with you more. As an electrical engineer and mathematician, I especially like the Matrix statements and functions that John Kemeney demanded to be included in True BASIC. With them, I can analyze electrical networks that include 'imaginary' number elements like inductors and capacitors (like in electrical filters and rotating machines). Not many engineers know it but a complex number like a + j*b or x + j*y can be represented in a 2-by-2 square matrix (array). Regards ... Tom M