xnmba420.dll component missing

I have compiled and bound my program. My program works fine in true basic.

When I try to run the free-standing application an error occurs saying xnmba420.dll is missing. However this dll is in the Windows/System Directory.

If I run true basic and then try to run my free-standing application - it works.

How do I get my free-standing application to run without having to first run true basic?


Dll missing

In MS Windows, there is system level search system for DLL-files.

If you are simply putting all your compiled programs in same directory, then putting required DLLs in same directory is good idea.
But if your compiled programs lies in various directories, then it is supposed that you put DLLs in Windows system directory (usually C:\Windows\System32)

You can learn more in MS's article http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms682586(VS.85).aspx about search order of finding DLL's



Have you tried copying xnmba420.dll to the same directory as the executable?