Problem with printer

I recently purchased a HP photosmart plus series-B209 printer. At the present time it works extremely well with every Windows program that I have tried, except for True Basic Silver programs.
I use Windows XP and True Basic Silver. A simple program is as follows.
open #6: printer
print #6; "Hello"
close #6
When running this program, the printer does not respond, and the machine (Microsoft) frequently stops the program, says there is a problem and asks to allow it to examine the problem (which, of course, it never seems to do anything about it). Also, if I press
EDIT initially and press print program, the same nothing occurs. Of interest, if I ask it to "print preview", it does that exactly as it should -- therefore it is communicating with something but it doesn't seem to be communicating with the printer. Also, when trying to print, the printer's queue remains empty. I previously had a Dell Printer V305 and the program worked completely satisfactorily. Also as expected, when i try to print out a graph that I have programmed, there is no output at all. I hope to hear from you shortly as most of my work depends on printer output -- both text and graphs. If you wish me to try anything, i would be most happy to talk to you via the phone -- my number is (215) 884 6266. (I have been a "happy" True Basic user for over 30 years and would like to continue so).
Thank you for anything that you can do.


Re: Printing the Output window

clifford patlak ... There's always more than one way to "skin a cat". My way to get a printable file that will print on any printer, new or old, is to create a .DAT file when you RUN a TB program, and which works for TB versions 2 to 5 (any suffix). What you do is RUN your TB program from the COMMAND line, at the bottom of the TB Editor screen. You type:

RUN >> filename.dat ! you provide the filename

You then open filename.dat in any wordprocessor program. If necessary or desirable, edit the wordprocessor file, then print!

Try that and let us know if it works or has any problem. Regards ... Tom M

P.S. I'm in the 215 and/or 610 Area Code. Regards ... Tom M

Comment by wyzz_kyd on cat skinning (3/20/10)

My problem was that my HP printer did no print TB output. However, all my other Window programs (microsoft word, etc. etc.) did print without any trouble. I just want the TB program to be able to use my printer without any cat skinning.
However, for the present, I have tried the above approach. In my hands, it did NOT work. This may be due to the fact that I do not know how I should program my output within the editor. I have tried three approaches and none worked. The simplest was to program PRINT "HELLO". Nothing happened. I tried OPEN #6: PRINTER and then PRINT #6: "HELLO". This not only didn't work but the system jammed up and I had to use the CTRL-ALT-ESC keys.
The thire approach was to use OPEN #6: FILE "doodly do.dat",CREATE NEW and then PRINT #6:"Hello". This also yielded nothing. However, if I used the last approach but using the instruction RUN as usual, then it works like a charm. However,this latter approach does not help me with printing out a graph which I frequently desire. My way of getting around this is to have the program draw the graph, pause the program (with an input request for example) and the go to the FILE statement on the upper right hand corner of the output screen and press COPY. This takes the graph into the windows clipboard which I can then either paste into a file or into a program such as ACDsee and then print it out . (A note: I could not find the FILE statement in my Beta version of TB5.611. It should definitely be there for users with my problem.
I think I have said enough. Hope to hear from you.

Output window.


Version 5.611 uses the TBsystem.exe file to run, compile or bind source programs. This is why the file option is not present - because TBsystem.exe doesn't have it.

You can of course copy the screen content directly to the clipboard from inside your own program. You also chain directly to WORD or any other application from inside your program too.

Not that you should be involved in any of this stuff, because it should be possible to get an appropriate driver from HP. Some of their other printers work with TB so the drivers must exist.

Big John


I use True Basic Silver, not True Basic 5. Further, my problem has nothing to do with compiling the program so that it is free standing.

HP printers


If you look back through the Forum messages you will find that the only complaints about printing always involve HP printers. As you report, your Dell worked correctly just as my Epson printers do. I think this may have something to do with the wrong driver for HP printers (with TB). Maybe HP have another driver option that could be used. I believe there are HP printers that do work with TB - I think Tom M has one. Maybe he would like to comment on this one.

Big John

Tom M's HP printers ...

Big John ... Years (a decade plus) ago I had to pay $500 for the HP inkjet printers I used then. Less than a decade ago the last HP printer I bought was the HP 895DeskjetCxi. I bought it at Sam's Club and paid less than $80. I actually bought two of them, in case the first one failed (it hasn't). I still use a HP 895 when I want to print one or two color photographs. For more than five I burn the jpeg files on a CD and take it to Sam's Club and get 4 inch by 6 inch photos for 13 cents each. I can't beat the Sam's Club price.

I also use the 895 color printer to print half-fold glossy holiday cards I create using a PrintMaster graphics program. For printing text documents these days I prefer my Canon ImageClass Laser multifunction duplex printer (Model MF4150).

When I bought my wife a Dell desktop computer bundle in March, it came with a Dell Photo P703w All-In-One Printer (Kodak Color Technology) inkjet printer. It's flawless.

I don't think I'll be buying a HP printer any time soon. Regards ... Tom M